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Please note that Marie is in the office & available to discuss any Members golf related concerns Monday - Friday's 09.00 - 15.00 only.

As from 1st September  2019

Locker Room 
Monday closed at 8.15pm
Tuesday closed at 8.15pm
Wednesday closed at 8.15pm
Thursday closed at 8.15pm

Monday bar closed (open for tea/coffee) closed 3pm
Tuesday bar closed (open for tea/coffee) closed 3pm
Wednesday bar closed at 6pm
Thursday bar closed at  6pm


Course Status
Currently open
07.10.2019 21:50
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With the following restrictions: Preferred Lies The use of Fairway Mats is being considered and your feedback on this subject is being sought, please respond to via email to secretary or text only 07764853860 the Billy Bruce Trophy will now be played alongside Russell Cup (November) on Saturday 19th October